Please Do not use FESTO product again in your project

Please Do not use FESTO product again in your project

I do not understand why there are people using FESTO product in there project, for me, it is because the user asked. We are building an automation system for a water plant, and use FESTO CPX-E-EP as distributed controller. The manual said this module support Modbus TCP protocol, but when we build the system, there is no way to connect the module via modbus TCP. The module seems to work while ,I can visit it through the web browser or their own configuration software, but every time I try modbus, it fails. To make things worse, there is no technical support, the only material I can find is their f**king useless manual ( The manual even have no clear indication for module connection). When I ask FESTO to return of goods as they promised , but they shamelessly refused. I should not blame anyone for this ,as I am already an mid-aged man, but I promise that I and my team will never use FESTO product again, and I will try my best to persuade anyone to keep away from FESTO if possible.

Following is my complain email to FESTO, I got no response:

I am using the CPX-E-EP module, and encountering two questions, I need help directly from FESTO, and I need to complain FESTO China sector. My order number is 6e-e-ep-MM3L, I configured the module as instruction manual, and is able to visit the module through FMT software or web browser, but I cannot visit it through any modbus tcp tools. There is no help I can get from FESTO website or FESTO China, so I have to leave a message here.
Another question is the diagram of the manual is not clear, there is no clear instruction on how to connection for contacts or other situation, any other brand may have this in there product manual ,FESTO is disappointing.
There is one more thing , not about the technical part, but also disappointing ,when I find I bought more modules as I need, I am asking FESTO to cancel them as you have not delivered them to me, but FESTO China refused this request, even though these terms you’ve promised.





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